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The Nicholas Wood Library contains a variety of materials, mostly published pre-1920, which includes transactions from various institutes, journals, geological surveys and books relating to mining, metallurgy railways and geology.

The library is now open Monday to Friday, 10am – 5pm. If you wish to visit the library outside these times then please make an appointment.  It is also appreciated if visitors can send a list of the items which they wish to consult in advance where possible.

Entrance to the library is free for members of the Institute (current associate membership is 27.50/year) or non-members are asked to pay 3 per visit.  Digital cameras are charged at £5/day for non-members and £3 day for members. Annual and monthly options are also available, please see price list link below. Photocopies and scans are also available starting at 40p/A4 for a digital copy, 50p/A4 paper copy.

If you cannot visit the Institute in person and wish the librarian to carry out the research and forward the articles you require then very quick enquiries (under 10 minutes) are free and this includes scanning and sending short articles by email.  (Photocopying is still 50p/page plus postage at cost.)  For longer and more difficult enquiries, the Institute unfortunately has to charge to cover the staff time required.  This currently stands at 50 for the first hour which includes reasonable photocopying or scanning (i.e. not entire books) and UK postage.  Please also note that copying may not always be possible depending upon the condition of the book.

Volunteers to help in the library are always very welcome and can carry out various different tasks including book conservation and cleaning, digitising archives, or cataloguing journals or transactions in more detail.  Please contact the librarian, Jennifer Kelly, if you have any free time either regularly or as a one off. 

If you plan to visit the library – please read the library rules

Library fees and charges

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We are creating a database of our map holdings. There are over 20,000 already listed. Please contact us to search the list. Online access coming soon.

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Our new online search (powered by Koha and Evergreen) is now available.  Records are still being checked and added on a daily basis, therefore this is not yet complete, please contact the librarian if you need further information.

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Our online search option is currently unavailable.  We apologise for any inconvenience.  Please contact the librarian via telephone or email and we will do our best to send search results via email for your search terms.  We are currently in the process of upgrading our current software which we hope will create a much better online search option.